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Now serving McKinney: (972) 529-0911


"Thanks for making my car run like new!"

~ Bobbie Walker

"Thank you so much for the prompt attention in taking care of our RV. It was greatly appreciated."

~ The Charette Family

"With sincere appreciation for your kindness and generosity, Happy Thanksgiving. From your satisfied customers."

~ Jimbo & Lisa  

"Mike, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your mechanics for taking care of my needs when my transmission quit working. The truck you repaired was the last truck my dad purchased. It is a 1994 Dodge ½ ton and has over 700,000 miles on it. You quoted me a price over the phone. After you called to say my truck was ready, (in only 3 days) and I came to get the truck, the price you quoted is exactly what I was asked to pay. I have already driven several thousand miles since you repaired it. I have waited approximately ninety days to write this letter. It hasn't given any trouble - shifts like new without any noise. I am extremely pleased with your workmanship and your friendly staff, both in your office and your shop. Another important factor regarding your business is the fact it is very clean. Employees attitudes are better when their working places are clean. You and your staff are to be commended!!"

-- John Palmer of Garland, TX

"Since taking my car to you, it has worked flawlessly. I wanted to thank you and your crew for doing such a wonderful job working on my prized possession. My car has given me a great pride knowing it will start and go whenever I need it. The work you did reassured me of that. Thank you."

-Allen L. Niren of Immediate Dating, Inc

"You Guys are great! Not only did you complete the repairs to my truck by the next day, but the price was even lower then what I expected! Being self employed and my truck being my bread and butter, I will be sure to tell my customers about you!!"

"I called The Transmission Shop to have my daughter's car looked at for a noise. We couldn't tell if it was coming from the transmission or engine. Even though it was a Sunday, they answered the phone and asked some questions about the noise to be sure it was ok to drive it. They suggested that they tow our car in so that they could look at it first thing on Monday. On Monday morning they did call me, and to my surprise it was not the transmission or engine at all! It was only a flywheel that needed to be replaced at a price that was very affordable. In the beginning, I was afraid it was going to be something major since everyone else I talked to said it was not even worth fixing. Thank you so much for being honest and fair."

"I recently had the transmission on my Ford Expedition worked on at another shop. Afterwards, the transmission didn't work right and still had the same noise. This other shop fixed it 3 times and told me that was all they could do. Then, I took it to the transmission shop to have looked at. They checked it and said the noise was not coming from my transmission, but from my transfer case. I had them fix the transfer case and redo my tranny. I got it back after just 3 days and my expedition has never driven this good. I'm trying to get my money back from______, but I'm not holding my breath."


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Garland Transmission Repair and Service

1403 Forest Lane

Garland, Texas 75042


Plano Transmission Repair and Service

1508 N. Central Expressway

Plano, Texas 75074


Lewisville Transmission Repair and Service

1620 S. Stemmons Freeway 

Lewisville, Texas 75067


McKinney Transmission Repair and Service

1201 S Mcdonald St 

McKinney, TX 75069