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The transmission shop and the dentist - what do these two things have in common?  People avoid both as long as possible, yet run to them in the case of emergency!  The Transmission Shop Lewisville, just like a good dentist, is aware that a "thorough inspection" is of the utmost importance, not only to diagnose the cause of the problem, but also as a preventive measure to avoid any future "emergency" situations.

Family owned and operated, The Transmission Shop takes great pride in the dedication and care that the fully licensed and experienced staff operates with, in their commitment to excelling in performance, professionalism and quality workmanship.  Each mechanic keeps a log of every part ordered and every procedure done on a transmission, thereby making each one accountable and responsible for their work.  They do this in full confidence, knowing that they are doing a work that they would gladly put their signature to.

The staff is certified by both ASE and ATSG.  So, what does that mean?  ASE means Automotive Service Excellence, (Blue Seal of Excellence) which is a certificate earned by technicians who have proven to perform at the high standards this certificate demands, and that measures their knowledge and skills with the latest technology, along with extensive training in theory, quality repair procedures and diagnosis.  ATSG stands for Automotive Transmission Service Group and is the largest, employee-owned, technical support service for the Automotive Transmission Service.  One important aspect of ATSG is their technical hotline, which keeps on top of all the latest information in the automatic transmission world, both domestic and imported.  When you see a transmission shop with these certificates, you can be assured of professionalism, competence, quality and satisfaction.

There are usually symptoms that a driver becomes aware of when their transmission is having problems.  With a manual transmission, a gear noise or trouble shifting could be indicative of low fluid, which must be addressed in order to prevent serious damage to the transmission or an overhaul.  A grinding noise or slippage between the gears on a manual transmission could also be that the syncho meshes have worn out.  The synchromesh transmission is a "constant-mesh" that synchronizes the speeds of mating parts before the gears are engaged, in order to prevent their clashing.

These are the more common observances of people when there is a transmission problem.  However, just as a person may call the dentist when a tooth just doesn't "feel right"; the words of wisdom you will hear are, "Come in"  Rather than offering speculation, an accurate diagnosis only comes when a thorough inspection takes place, which troubleshoots the problem.  For testimonials about quality service at The Transmission Shop Lewisville, please visit the website:

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