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Having problems with your car? Looking to prolong the life of your car? Live in the Plano or McKinney Texas area? Then drop by Transmission Repair Plano to get your vehicle checked out.

No appointment is needed for coming in. Just bring your car over and we will do an external check on the transmission for free. We specialize in all forms of transmission repair, including automatic transmissions and manual clutch transmissions. Driveshift repair is also offered, alongside clutch and transmission fluid replacement, among other services.

When you come in with your vehicle, we offer our free service that begins with checking the status of the transmission fluid. We also check other parts of the vehicle including the clutch and we will even do a driving test to see the state of the whole vehicle. A computer scan then follows to see if any repairs are needed; it also gives an indication of the state of the vehicle. We will then look for leaks, checking external connections for corrosions, among other inspections. The filters are also checked as many cause problems in the engine if they are not maintained.

Transmission Repair Plano then gathers all of this information and figures out how your vehicle should be handled. We then do an internal inspection if no repairs are needed externally. This means that your vehicle's transmission is taken off and every part is looked into with great care and detail. We will look for problems and determine its causes. The seals of the joints and bearings are also checked for an even more in-depth look.

Once problems are identified, we thoroughly inspect the transmission once more. We use the best components and parts for repair or replacement. Only the best products are used for your vehicle, so you can be certain your vehicle is in expert hands. It will then be checked more and then taken on road tests to make sure everything is in working order and that all components are solid and in place.

While we do our best to repair the transmission of your vehicle, it is also up to you to keep it running at its best. If you suspect anything is wrong with your transmission, then get it checked as soon as possible. Also, make sure your engine is properly tuned as an improperly tuned engine is often the source of many problems. Finally, inspect your transmission fluids on a regular basis and change it more often in high-stress conditions.

When you run into any problems with the engine or transmission of your car, be sure to contact us if you are in the area. Our service has been testified to be "honest","fair" and "great" among other accolades we have received. Our mechanics are hundred percent professional and will treat your vehicle with great care. Finally, we also have a towing service if your car is not in running condition. So, if you have any problems with your vehicle then do not be afraid to call on us.

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